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balance mattress

Range Starts Rs -7500/-

An all purpose mattress that provides enhanced comfort by offering varying levels of firmness. So whether you prefer a soft sleeping surface or a firmer sleeping surface, the Noor Admire Mattress offers the benefits of both in one mattress. The two layers of the mattress are designed to provide enhanced comfort on both sides. 

Range Starts Rs - 9500/ -

Prima by Noor Mattress is a part of the Balance collection, it features a 5-zoned certified orthopedic support beneath the cozy quilted surface. The FPS layer provides differentiated support to the five zones of your body, which aligns your spine perfectly and corrects posture over the long term.

Range Starts - Rs - 13400/-

Phase Changing Material (PCM) used by NASA for optimum temperature regulation, Contoured for 3 Zoned Orthopedic Support, Active Grooves for better air circulation, Responsive Memory Foam layer for exceptional pressure relief, Manufactured in India, 100 Nights Trial.

Range Starts - Rs 14500 /-

A peaceful sleep is essential for your good health. The Noor Admire Hitech Mattress is made from a combination of coir and re-bonded foam. The coir provides firm support to your back and the re-bonded foam gives the mattress a firm base. This mattress is quilted with a premium finish 180 GSM polyester fabric for extra comfort and a soft feel. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.