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Range Starts - Rs - 2500/-

Noor Prudent Range: Having value for money, Bonded Foam mattresses for a good night’s sleep. These mattresses specially are made of super-dense bonded Foam that prevents sagging and also provides maximum comfort with back support & durability.

Range Starts - Rs - 5000/-

An all purpose mattress categeory created to provides enhanced comfort by offering varying levels of firmness. So whether you prefer a soft sleeping surface or a firm sleeping surface, the Aart Dual Comfort Mattress offers the benefits of both in one mattress.

Range Starts - Rs - 7500/-

The two layers of the Balance mattress are designed to provide enhanced comfort on both sides. One side offers a soft, cloud like feeling and the other provides adequate support to mattress construction.

Range Starts -Rs - 8500/-

The only mattress categeory designed to adjust as per your body temperature and provide the support, essential for perfect sleep . This categeory mattress delivers an unparalleled support and comfort. It’s unique design allows you to get healthy sleep.

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As a flagship brand of Noor Group, India’s leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 certified company, Noor furnishing is proud to be a market leader.
To bring our mission of perfect sleep solutions to as many people as possible, Noor  furnishing  is proud to promote good health and serenity in daily life through the Noor furnishing initiative. Noor furnishing aims to raise awareness on the importance of good sleep, keeping consumers informed about sleep disorders and how to combat them, along with expert advice on building healthy sleep habits to promote health and wellbeing.
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Furnishing items

Range Starts - Rs 50/- Piece

Pillows without pillow covers not just give a very untidy impression of a home but make a space look extremely drab as well. Shop for pillow covers online from Flipkart in a plethora of bright and colourful patterns guaranteed to liven up a space.

Range Starts - Rs 220/- Piece

Noor Furnishing bedsheet range is made from 100% cotton. This double bedsheet is made from cotton that has been combed to retain only long cotton fibers. This process makes the yarn strong and soft making the bedsheet long lasting and soft to touch.

Range Starts - Rs 50/- Mtr

Designed by Noor Furnishing, Ready Made Curtain makes it easy to bring design curtains in your home. Available in different fabric as well as hanging mechanism and pegs in 4 different colours, you can mix and match to create the combination.

Range Starts - Rs 50/- Mtr

Fabric sofas are an essential element of home decor, they never fail to add that extra glamour to your living room. They are durable, comfortable, and attractive pieces of furniture. Noor Furnshing comes with an amazing collection of upholstered sofa fabrics designed in different colors and sizes.

Range Starts - Rs 220/- Piece

A good mattress is a considerable investment and must be protected to make it last a long time. With our innovative design and customer-centric features of Noor Mattress Protector fits perfectly on your mattress and protects it from domestic accidents. 

Range Starts - Rs 60/- Piece

Table linens help to convey the theme and level of service at your home, restaurant or event. It gives a visual appeal. Our wide selection of table linens and accessories makes it easy to put together a dining area that meets your size, material, tonal, and budget requirements.

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Noor Mattress Designed by focusing the consumers needs. Cheaper and still high quality oriented range introduced. Our each range brings the right blend of comfort.


Resitec Plus, with its innovative High Resilience Technology

and Unique Pressure Distribution property, provides supreme personalised seating comfort.


Its unique composition and extra thickness, provides enhanced comfort while retaining the shape & performance of the cushioning for years.

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